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Home-Based Learning

Home-Based Learning
Sequoia Choice Arizona Distance Learning (AzDL) provides technology-assisted education
to children in grades K-12.

Learn At Home

Sequoia Choice – Arizona Distance Learning (AZDL) is one of the oldest online charter schools in the state. We have been providing tuition-free, home-based, technology-assisted education to children in grades K-12 in Arizona since 1998. Highly qualified and certified teachers offer a flexible learning environment to suit each student’s academic needs and individual style of learning.
Our motto, “every child is individually known,” reflects our desire to help each child gain a love of learning that will last a lifetime.

Elementary School

AZDL Elementary provides parents and their children with tools for academic excellence in their homes. We provide

  • Flexibility which encourages an individualized education
  • High levels of teacher/parent/student involvement and personal mentoring
  • Ongoing assessments to determine class assignments and curriculum
  • A “user friendly” curriculum aligned with current state standards

Each family develops a personal relationship with a highly-qualified teacher who provides student tutoring and parent coaching. Everyone benefits from a clear understanding of expectations and regular communication.

Jr. High School

AZDL Junior High students enroll in online courses that meet state standards, and receive guidance from their personal Academic Advisor. The advisor/student relationship is at the core of our success in moving students into high school and toward strong continuing education and career decisions. The Advisor provides the following to your student:

  • Tracking of academic progress and preparedness for high school coursework and state testing
  • Mentoring and an adult relationship needed during the early teen years
  • Ongoing, clear, and current communication with parents regarding student progress and issues
  • Academic advisement based on coursework, ongoing assessments, and student performance

High School

AZDL High School offers a wide variety of academic opportunities. Your teen can:

  • Enroll in a Credit Recovery courses to finish credits needed for graduation
  • Be a full-time high school student
  • Participate in our Early College Credit Program (potentially earning a high school diploma and an associate’s degree in two years!)

You name it, and AZDL High School can meet the need. Our high school curriculum is flexible, very diverse, and meets state standards.

At AZDL, your student is mentored by a caring, encouraging, and professional Academic Advisor. Advisors guide students through their high school and college course selections based on students’ personal goals and aspirations. Advisors help to ensure that a student graduates on time by constantly monitoring grades and assessment. Advisors also communicate regularly with students and parents about academic progress and offer help and advice regarding academic plans for the student and family.

Start Any Time of the Year!

For home-based students, all regular coursework can be done in the home environment, under the direction of our quality online faculty. State-required testing and semester final exams must be supervised by AZDL staff at various convenient locations around the state. Parents/guardians submit attendance on a weekly basis.

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